This is the personal site of me, Mike Avello. Since you are reading this you must be wondering who I am. Here is a bit about myself. I am a front-end designer and developer from the Chicago land area with an interest in all things tech and web. I have been in the web business for the last 5+ years now. In addition to the web creation in the normal sense, I am also beginning to get my hands dirty in the amazing world of mobile development, such as native apps and mobile web development.

As for this site, this is where I will share anything from jQuery plugins of mine, future applications as well as some crazy ramblings of mine I am sure. I will continue to add more things and grow the site further as time goes on. Check back often, you never know what will come next!

Additionally, a bit of a disclaimer should be mentioned. Any comments or opinions expressed on this site or any feed (such as twitter) are of my own and should not be considered that of anyone or group you may think to be associated with me.

With that said, carry on everyone!